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    SWAPTEE makes every T-Shirt circular. 
    Read here our reasons why!

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    Social Development Goals

    The SDGs are 17 goals to make the world a better place by 2030. They are a global compass for challenges such as poverty, education and the climate crisis. By working together on the SDGs, we strive to create a prosperous and inclusive world for ourselves and future generations. Swaptee contributes to sustainable development by committing to these SDGs:

  • Clean water and sanitation

    Swaptee wants to make sure that we wear our t-shirts more often. Wearing clothing more often is one of the most effective ways to reduce the overall impact of the clothing industry.

    By reusing Swaptees, 2700 litres of water is saved per Swap.

  • Ensure sustainable consumption and production

    Swaptee makes reusable Tees without plastic. We do this by making agreements directly with our 100% GOTS certified cotton factory in Portugal, and paying a fair price.

    When producing a Swaptee, we print digitally with bio-based ink. This form of printing is environmentally friendly, costs less water and does not yield waste.

    Our Swaptee’s are made from certified organic cotton. No chemicals are used in cotton cultivation, harvest, production yarn and in the fabric.

  • Climate action

    By wearing Swaptees, the overall impact of the clothing industry is reduced. You reduce the footprint of water, CO2 and plastic waste.

    No plastic is used in Swaptees, the plastic waste is reduced by the use of Swaptees. Per Swap you save all production related CO2 that comes with producing new t-shirts.

  • Join us

    How can you help achieve our mission? Wear our Swaptees, share and follow  our story and join us from linear to circular. Because together we want to make all T-shirts circular. That’s our mission.